Hotsey #21

copyright mmgilbert 2009

From the faraway land they came, with many horses and armor glinting in the sun and weapons of the most fearsome and terrifying kind, intent on strangling and beheading and otherwise slaying all those in a most horrifying way.  And, they came upon many villages and besieged and laid to waste to them all, slaying those who put up resistance before them, chopping them apart with cunning battle axes, scattering their burnt and hacked bones about the landscape and enslaving the rest after taking all that they owned for tribute and haranguing them with endless sermons about their lacks of holiness, forcing them to swallow horrible draughts of foul tasting sludge in the hope of their repentance.  And, so, the world became dark and dank, filled with fetid flies and a bleakness came over everything as all that is good seemed to evaporate from the land with screams and howls filling the air.  And, there were no beams.  So it is written for which we say, “Zumphah!”


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