Zigzag #106

copyright mmgilbert 2009

When the golden column was shown, there was fear among the inhabitants of the great city for they knew that those who possessed it would claim to have the power and there would be fire and fury to follow as terror gripped the dispossessed.  And, much disquiet and agony would result from the horror of rampage.  But, then, there appeared a vision on a great wall of the most adored and glorious of the alien gods of outer space and those who knew its power fell before it and endeavored to worship it with great prostration and shouting, along with horns that made a terrible noise that shook even the pillars of the powerful and the towers of smoke that arose in such times and all who would wreak havoc were scattered by cinders of molten stone and dispersed so that peace again reigned brink the joy.  And so, we say:  Zumphah!  And Zumphah again!


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