Life on Mars

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Multi-media, Sharpie Marker and then Corel Painter


Among some of my oldest and closest friends are scientists who have had an abiding interest in astronomy since childhood. They ground their own mirrors for Newtonian telescopes in high school, went to places like MIT, RPI and Harvard for college and over the years have made rockets, read altogether too much science fiction, taken advanced degrees in a whole range of arcana and applied their skills and education both commercially and for their country. Being really bad in math, I could only sit on the sidelines as they did strange and arcane things.  But, I was able to draw and thus contribute in some small way to the whole shebang. Immediately after the latest thingy landed on Mars in a quest to find life, it struck me that we might not know what we are looking for and that it would be a good idea to make some preliminary sketches in the absence of confounding hard evidence. This drawing is one result.  It started as a black-and-white line drawing (Sharpie) on 18 x 24 70-pound Canson drawing paper.  I photographed it with my trusty Nikon DSLR, made adjustments in PhotoShop and then used Corel Painter to do the coloring. I have no doubt that when Martians walk over to the Curiosity rover to introduce themselves, this is exactly how they will look, just as Ray Bradbury predicted.



Totsey #17

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(c) mmgilbert 2009

Lo, they have been cursed and the curse is a foul one that knows no mercy and none will be given as the word has been broken and there is nothing but pain to be the result for as it is said from the beginning, you will be cursed for breaking the word and the curse shall go forth and be known to all so that nothing will be spared. Behold now, Totsey #17, an alien god of outer space who shall know of the curse and bring it on to you for now and for all time. This is the face of goodness that has been defiled and that shall be restored by the goodness that shall come to be. And so it shall be. Zumphah!elements

Totsey #16

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Image of the great god, zuma, the bringer of unspoken youth ((c) mmgilbert 2009

In the darkest time came, then, zuma and the joys of youth that are the possibilities.  For these are the times of acting in the shadows and doing with one another what is not said and that must be hidden away for if it were revealed what happens, there would be stern looks and much pronouncements against it in the square and from the holiest of holy pulpits by those who are in charge of the moral character and probity.  It is this then, of what zuma speaks and that gives the special pleasures.  And, so all hide away in the silence and give themselves to the pleasures.  And, from this comes the continuation and the next.  It is good although it is spoken of as evil and vile as well as unclean.  And, such is the strangeness.  Zumphah!

Totsey #15

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And, the most sacred priests of the alien gods of outer space took solace in the suffering of the devoted. (copyright mmg 2009)

With the changing of the seasons and the collection of foodstuff and the slaughter of many creatures large and small, there came to pass a new excitement, that of the full sacrifice of sacred ones who having felt the full force of the spirit of the alien gods of outer space had chosen for cutting and other self-inflicted degradation of the flesh who are to be marched to the Square of the Full Redemption for flogging, flaying and flattening before full extirpation of those bodily parts which produce the greatest pain after which the priests who have achieved the greatest piety shall feed and feel replenished as they give full homage for what has passed before them.  Zumphah!

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Totsey #13

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The alien god of the seventh day, The Slither (c)mmgilbert 2009

 It was the seventh day of the 16 days of the alien gods of outer space.  This is the day of the blessing of purity for which all who are pure of thought, most chaste of the flesh and scourged of evil intent and harm must be given over to the ravishments of pure joy and celebration including great feasting and purging, icy waters and murkiness as well as inner cleansing and defilement.  As it is written, so begins the celebration with loud honkings and gorging.  And, as the priests of the alien gods of outer space went about their special work, the screams could be heard and there was much running about and heaving of bilges.  For this was the time for giving without hesitation or doubt.  And, so it was done and those who had done the giving were glad and, as the seventh day was done, prepared for the full onslaught, shouting, “Zumphah!”

Totsey #12

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The mark of the alien gods of outer space (c)mmg 2009

When it was night and all was quiet and dark, a certain man awoke after a strange dream and without knowing why, put on special raiment and went forth on the road and headed in the direction of the light as he knew he was to be commanded although never shall he hear or see the command or who gave it.  And, with him he took a shaft of wood which upon each step became not wood but something other for it glowed and made flame and sparks as he walked and became less and less in need of touching the ground.  For this man had been selected by the great gods of outer space to perform great deeds and those encountering him offered themselves up for his joy and from whom he took what was given and bestowed upon all a great peace and glory.  And, so, they said, “Zumphah!”

Totsey #11

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As if there were a blue demon slithering. And, it was so.

And so it was that there were three vessels, set upon a hill where all could see them, high up on a great space before the special place of supreme worship and divination.  It was these vessels which contained the great and special fluids used in extreme healing and clarification of souls from the evil that can come to us all.  Therefore, it was of great horrification that there was caused to be a visitation of the worst beings that steal everything and abscond with all that is holy and sacred and that these same vessels were gone as if they never were and would be no more.  And, so, a great cry went up and the true believers rent their clothes and pulled out their hair and caused themselves to be naked and scourged in sorrow until they fell onto the ground. It was a time of harsh sorrow and pain as if a blue demon had appeared.  And, in the memory of that time, we say, “Zumphah!”